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Hawaiian Pizza (A Round 2 Recipe)

Two of my favorite types of pizza + my favorite sandwich all rolled into one = HEAVEN!

My two favorite types of pizza are barbecue chicken and Hawaiian (pineapple and ham).  This one adds my favorite sandwich, barbecue pork.

Tonight we used the left over pork from Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwiches along with the left over Hawaiian Sauce (I also made another batch) to make a Hawaiian Pizza. I only had to get pizza dough and mozzarella cheese. The recipe calls for onions too, but my boys aren’t big fans of onions on our pizza so instead I used two sweet peppers (grilled them first) from OUR garden! AWESOME!  Well, except for the fact that I didn’t realize I bought a different kind of pizza crust than I usually do so it got a little crisp, but it was still REALLY good.  The pineapple and peppers gave it just enough sweetness to complement the tangy Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce.

Of course, my youngest didn’t eat any–he’s only into eating “mac-nee-cheese.” Seriously, that’s all the kid wants: morning, noon, and night! “Mac-nee-cheese” was the only thing I could get him to eat for breakfast besides a fruit roll up and gushers. At least the “mac-nee-cheese” that he ate tonight was the homemade one that I made on Tuesday night. Silly kid!

The rest of us enjoyed our pizza. My oldest ate a small piece before downing the rest of the macaroni. I added broccoli to it: that kid LOVES broccoli.

Anyway, another 5 out of 5 meal. Delicious and easy. Just make sure you read the directions to the specific crust you buy: don’t go from memory! 🙂

Let me know if you try it and what you think.


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